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Suggestions for Use of the Room

Enter... plan to spend a few moments in reflection and meditation.

Fill... the aromatherapy diffuser with a scent from the selection on the shelf and activate the unit by moving the button to the "on" position and moving the ionizer button to the "on" position.

Recline... in the ergonomically designed chair on the floor with comfortable floor pillows.

Breathe... take a few deep and focused breaths, breathing in and out and focusing only on the breath. Breathe deeply and slowly long as you feel comfortable.

Listen... to the sounds of the room and the soothing nature of the waterfall and feel the peaceful energy of the room. You will experience noticeable relaxation in a short period of time.

Relax... in the tranquil environment and feel free to

Explore... the many resources available in the room by viewing videotapes or listening to cassette tapes or music CD's using the headphones provided. A full selection of books on health and wellness are also available in the library. These resources may be "borrowed" through the Library system.

Depart... Upon leaving the room you may feel energized, recharged, restored and renewed!!!

Suprising Benefits... psychological and physiological relaxation:

  • Feeling calmer, more serene, with less anxiety will be evidence of psychological relaxation.
  • Physiological relaxation will be indicated by reduction in blood pressure, heart rate and respiratory rate.


Don't forget to turn the aromatherapy unit to "off". Power off the TV/VCR or CD/cassette player and return the resources to the shelves.